Dorothy Lewes

  • Class
  • Major
    Intended Economics/Industrial Engineering
  • Hometown
    Diamond Bar, CA
  • Position
    Social Chair
  • Career Interests
    Accounting (Audit)
  • Hobby
     Eating, going to the gym, doing makeup, and sleeping

Dorothy is currently a sophmore interested in double majoring in Economics and Industrial Engineering. She hopes to work as an auditor in the future but is also interested in data science. She likes to order food on Postmates during her free time and should really stop this bad habit. She also enjoys going to the gym but she really hates hiking. Dorothy really likes memes so feel free to tag her in as many as you want and she will tag you back in twice as many! Also, she really likes steak and eggs so feel free to get food with her anytime because she never stops eating. Sometimes she likes to wear makeup and her falsies are so thick she cannot see. Feel free to ask her to do your makeup! <3