Become A Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Ascend Berkeley Student Chapter, the premier accounting and finance student organization at The University of California, Berkeley. Ascend is committed to a trinity of core values: unity, community and connectivity. They were chosen because of our unique ability to combine the most essential parts of a successful organization, the professional side and the community side. While we are devoted to the professional development of our members, Ascend prides itself on its close knit community where students from all walks of life have been able to find a place among their peers. Our community extends beyond the four walls of our classrooms, as we expand our professional network through serving as a liaison between our sponsors and the Ascend members. With your help and support, we can build a long-lasting partnership for future success. Through partnering with Ascend Berkeley, you will be able to access our resources and strengthen your company’s presence here at UC Berkeley. Not only do we offer an extremely qualified pool of candidates for employment, but we also have experience in hosting a wide variety of campus events, helping you reach out to students through personalized marketing efforts.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or if you would like to find out more opportunities to partner with Ascend, please contact our Executive Vice President, Edward Xu at