Ascend Berkeley Student Chapter

Ascend’s mission is to continually influence and encourage the development of finance, accounting and business professionals and students.

Our membership includes people from all dimensions of finance, professional services and business, treasurers, professional services providers, financial services executives, tax professionals, financial operations, financial advisors, and many others in business, government, academia and the community. Membership is open to all individuals who share our mission regardless of ethnicity and professional background.

The UC Berkeley Student chapter was successfully founded by Bernard Cheng and Nithya Nine in Spring 2007. UC Berkeley campus already had numerous business professional student organizations, but the two founders hoped to create a more focused community and put efforts into promoting and increasing presence of minority groups not only on campus but also in the workplace. Since then, Berkeley Ascend has been experiencing tremendous growth and development. There has been a steady increase in membership as well as quality professional workshops and events catered specifically and strategically towards the needs and demands of our members. Even though we were originally established as an accounting/finance focused organization, we, as a student chapter, as well as the professional chapter has been actively seeking to expand to various industries and professions.

Our student chapter provides a plethora of events to develop your professionalism, help you explore your career options and make friends! These events include career/leadership development workshops, panels, social events, volunteering, fundraising, and more! You can join one of our 6 committees to be more involved, gain leadership experience, and help plan for these various events.